The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

The Heart of the Kingdom has been destroyed and now it’s up to Munchausen to save the day in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen! With the light and prosperity of his kingdom gone, the king has no choice but to marry his daughter to an unknown stranger in exchange for a huge sum of money. Sensing the stranger’s evil, she writes to Munchausen who must now stop the wedding inThe Surprising Adventures of Munchausen!

  • Dozens of unique mini-games
  • Challenging brain-teasers
  • Association-based hidden object search
  • Beautiful animation
  • Restore the Heart of the Kingdom!

- by 仙

- by 翼

- by William487
Doodle god Best

- by Рената

- by Daniel
my review Good game. fun

- by Reidy1991
:) Amazing

- by Rusty-bug
Good game Good game but asking for an extra dollar at the end is a bit much

- by Monster man 112

- by Arxiuseba
新奇 還蠻耐玩的遊戲!

- by Łukasz