Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

Developer: DB Games
Publisher: JoyBits

The oldest deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. These mysterious cards are so powerful that they can withstand all the evil forces. But on one condition: not a single card should be missing from the deck. Now the cards that contain the unfathomable wisdom of the past and omnipotent knowledge of the future are scattered all around the city and it is up to you to find each card to create a deck before they fall into the hands of the villain. Save the world while enjoying an exciting mix of hidden object and solitaire!

  • Enjoy a unique combination of hidden object and solitaire
  • Experience two types of solitaire
  • Play four different kinds of cartomancy
  • Unravel the mystery behind each card
  • Choose a solitaire-only mode

- by ATXtrace
Cool Cool it is cool I really want hints they should have hints it's really hard but fun

- by Gustavo
Muito bom

- by Dicko77
Addict This games so addictive I haven't fed my children for 2 days!

- by People1989
哼哼唧唧 黑胡椒各方根据法国法 v 会见法国举办国际饭店 v 好啊哈哈v 好好发挥减肥的 v 火锅和法国吃大锅饭和根深蒂固好好发广告

- by Alec huds
Doodle God Is Lyigit! This game is awesome

- by 恋

- by TheVerge
Nicely done! Very well done. One of those rare puzzles which can be picked up and worked at your convenience.

- by Oppenheimer07
Genius! Great look and very addictive.

- by Notfairsry
Great Great game worth it. Just beat it make more stuff like a quest expansion with online multiplayer! Id pay big bucks for it!

- by Vautrin
J'adore se jeux meme si defoits les solution sont dur a trouver