Doodle Tanks

It’s Time to Go to War!
From the creators of the award winning Doodle God & Doodle Devil comes a new ALL ages puzzle game with a fun historical twist.
Combine artillery and other elements to create dozens of World War II tanks and armored vehicles.
Start with four basic elements and watch your creations come alive as you create historically accurate tanks and armored vehicles that once rolled across Europe and Africa. Along the way, learn about the historic events and designers that shaped the outcome of the free world.
It’s time to go to War in Doodle Tanks!

  • Available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spain, & Portuguese
  • Dozens of Tank and Armored Vehicles to Engineer and Build
  • Over 80 reactions to perform and over 100 elements to combine
  • Learn about the legends of Tank & Armored Vehicle Design
  • ALL ages puzzle fun with a historical twist

- by Приколы но но...
Обновления Главное не забывайте обновлять и добавлять танки все стран и еще непонятно как сделать башню гайка вообще непонятно уже все перепробовал!

- by
I like it but The ads made me disturbed and i started keep trying going to main game anytime i go to main game some ads come to disturb me and i keep starting all over again

- by Logan James ferguson
Needs new things Add more nations, and make more fun like the other Doodle games, it does feel like chore trying to get the parts

- by Pbaldy38
Good update. Fixes languages Very clever concept for tank game. New type of puzzle game play

- by
Игра супер! Дамы и господа,мне очень понравилась игра,однако некоторые личности говорят что разработчики жмоты и делают игры своей серии платной.Я по этому поводу считаю что вы неправы и разработчики тоже кушать хотят.Да и если бы они просто так свой хлеб ели то ладно,но игра очень даже ничего.Вобщем игра супер.К стате,если вы хотите безплатно поиграть в эту замечательную игру то зайдите на сайт PDAlife.Там всё лицензионое и безплатное.

- by Алекс8452
Круто Отличная игра Жду обновлений

- by The Man Up There
Brilliant I am a fan of the doodle series and this is a great addition. It is fun, accurate and realistic. I'm just waiting for more nations!!

- by C_C01
Good so far This game is great. It is challenging so is good as it takes a bit of time and thought to complete which is good and it is also full of info. This is great if you enjoy tanks and history of WW2. Only the USSR so far so hope they add more soon but good all round :)

- by JINXMinecraft
Like history of war? This game if perfect, Perfect for you to learn about the engineers that created the Tanks! Ando how it took advantage over specific tanks! Bad news, I'm not even sure if there

- by zjohn4
Needs more content.. Awaiting an update with tanks from non-Soviet countries, but theres 105 elements within that category, so its good start. Outside of content, its not easy to figure out each element.. Combine some gun and a hull, and you form some tank? Or two techs and you get a soviet engineer? Difficult.. But i brute force these games anyway, so i eventually get em all