Doodle Farm

Put on your boots and cowboy hat and head to Doodle Farm! Ever wondered what would happen if you combined a dog with a turtle? In a universe of thousands of adorable animals that allows you to breed what ever your heart desires you can find out. Start with four simple creatures and watch in wonder as you build a gigantic and fantastical animal kingdom from your bare hands (well almost bare anyway:).

  • Create 135+ different animals!
  • Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!
  • Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!
  • Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!
  • A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!
  • Learn more about every animal you create!

- by Zingow646
Awesome Game Kept me playing until I beat it

- by 
Sooooooo much fun I promise you you will NOT regret getting this app. It is so much fun. If you like doodle god or doodle devil(it's more like doodle god), then you will love this game. Everyone should get it!!!!!\(^o^)/

- by Doña Manuela
Gvuvu I love it

- by Squidmeatball
Cool Too much cute

- by Vadillpickle
Spectacular This game is outstanding

- by Khayleesi
Awesome! Could you update Doodle Devil and Doodle God with the "Casual Mode"? :)

- by Wolves<3
Awesome!!!!! fun and awesome!!!! make more!!!! And on doodle farm make more elements Plz!!!!!!!

- by aricept12
mids fun

- by Gwen campagna21
Really cool game

- by jasmine_shjb
非常喜欢 非常喜欢这个类型的游戏!!不过希望开发商不要再加入IAP了,这样会伤害我们这些购买的TX!!!!