Doodle Devil

Embrace your dark side!

While Doodle God was creating the universe, Doodle Devil was also having some fun. The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. Combine fire, earth, wind & air to create demons, beasts, zombies… and much more!

  • Destroy the Universe using a human and an apple!
  • Invent 157 advanced items and concepts!
  • Devil Slots with Devil Coins!
  • The legendary one-click gameplay for creating or destroying the Universe on your Phone!
  • Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings!

- by ChiBloodless
Doodle haven!!!! This is an awesome game. I've played through both doodle god and doodle devil. I'm obsessed and hope to see some new features is the near future.

- by Hgfkiknnbvdasfyyyfj
Fun It's really fun but I don't like the coin system. I'd rather pay 1.99 for the whole app and be done.

- by thiki68
Nice sequel to a nice game This game real fun, for sure. Graphics are splendid and very artistic. Developers took their job seriously, we can see the hours behind the artwork !!! But after having played Doodle God the surprise is gone a little. You need to do the same combinations to create essential elements. In that way the game is a bit too reminiscent of its older brother. Gameplay should have been modified a little to reflect to dark side of the force :) And destruction power... But in the end that can be updated in a future release. It's only a personnal point of vue which only reduces one star. Cause it is still a great game !

- by Ruler123,321
Dodel I love the game

- by EpicHoboness
Constrasting against doodle god Awesome!

- by Zealotma
cool game lalalla lalalala

- by BoneTail
Entertaining Fun while it lasted

- by Jean johnson 誠
很棒的遊戲 有創意!

- by Luiz Claudio
O melhor!!! Vale muito a penaaaaa... Viciante!!! Tragam os outros jogos da série Doodle, por favor!!! - Bring the others games from the Doodle's collection, pleaseee!!!

- by Dnmdbdvs
Awesome!!! This is the best app I have ever played

"Everything we loved about Doodle God is back for a second go round. A good presentation, smart quotes, and fun combinations make this just as fun as the original."


"Easy to play, super polished, and with a fantastic sense of humor in the quotes that display with each new element discovery, there’s a lot to love about Doodle Devil!"