Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus

Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus puts you in the role of Cassandra, a young mystic relying on a mysterious ring to solve cases that are assumed to be impossible. One day, her magical ring goes missing. Now it is up to you, with the help of the spirit of Nostradamus and unique mind-reading magic tricks and fortune-telling wisdom, to find the missing ring and help Cassandra reveal the secrets of her family, before they are forever lost!

  • Animated cutscenes
  • Mind-reading magic tricks!
  • Fun for the whole family


- by Adam Chase
Update Please update! I check my iPod every day to see if the next doodle god update is here yet. Please hurry!

- by User
Love it

- by (0...0)
Fun but time consuming This is a fun game but becomes time consuming and after a while you have to rely on the help

- by 用户

- by Luke Sheffield
Fun Very fun and entertaining

- by Eliška
Nej hra na světě

- by Dadelx
Good it's very good Cool game крутая игра но я так понимаю серия игр doodle evil и doodle had похожи поэтому смысла покупать god нет а такигра супер

- by Doodle for President
Spannend und intelligent Endlich mal ein Spiel, dass auch zum Nachdenken anregt. Aus zwei Elementen werden neue Elemente... Ein Beispiel: bakterie+wasser=plankton... Mehr wird nicht verraten. So entsteht aus wenigen Komponenten ein ganzes Universum. Und wenn man den Bogen erstmal raus hat, machts richtig Spass. Weitere Level werden sehnlichst erwartet!

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Как создать яйцо?

As far as hidden object games go, Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus delivers one of the more entertaining spins on the popular casual game category. While it doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, it's a highly polished and fun diversion, with many mini-games to keep things fresh and a story you might actually be interested in.