Cassandra’s Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus

Cassandra finally has her magical ring back, and must now find and banish a mysterious demon that has come to our world! Along the way, you’ll learn new magical spells and help Violet find her missing brother, Michael. Cassandra’s Journey 2: The Fifth Sun of Nostradamus will test all of your Hidden Object talents with unique gameplay and magical minigames! Banish the demon and save the world from evil!

  • Highly polished presentation
  • Challenging levels with lots of variety
  • Magical mini-games
  • Fun fortune-telling card tricks
  • Excellent hint system

- by keith
Kool game

- by
Ватафак Человек + человек = секс. А Ещё очень классно.

- by 元

- by 扶金

- by The Last Rose
Awesome Wonderfully addicting, and simple. Though I did make vodka before bread, so people were drunk before they started eating...

- by Will266
Good Good

- by rene martin
Muy buen juego pero deberían regalar otra vez los demas

- by Forkmaster
Cool That was awesome! It was so addicting and cool!

- by Fisky69
Just 1 more Have the just one more go factor that makes it a good game

- by 雪琪