Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows

When a chemical spill wrecks havoc next to a nature preserve, all sorts of creatures come crawling out of the forest…including behemoths better left in the shadows. Scattered sightings are reported, but when Linda encounters something in her own backyard, it all becomes a little too real! Uncover the truth as Linda goes in search of a legend and winds up fighting for her very survival in this seek-and-find mystery. Does Bigfoot exist? Depends on who you ask…but something is lumbering into the light, and it’s not happy!

  • Unlock Bigfoot facts as you play
  • Rescue animals to earn hints
  • Hunt the legendary Bigfoot!

- by Matthew Masciotra
Almighty Doodle An instant classic!

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- by Dcspongebob
Awsome! This is the most best game app/game i have on my phone and i have 45 games !

- by marco
Muy adictivo

- by 文杰

- by Actual Mongoose
kool love it :)

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굳 굳잼

- by matheus

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Sweet The coolest game eva!!

- by geobaez63
Great app Fun to explore